Update: The reviews below are quite out of date now. And in fact I've found the wonder-cafe(s) I was seeking: 3fe and Coffeeangel.

Legend has it that somewhere in Dublin there is a cafe that serves coffee so delicious, so fresh, so perfect that once you've tasted it you will be addicted forever in an instant. In my unending quest for this perfect coffee I regularly visit new cafes and coffee stalls. Here are some of the ones I've been to recently:

Ariosa Coffee (stall in Temple Bar each Saturday) - nice coffee, especially the cappuccino.

Badger & Dodo (stall in Point Village Market each Saturday) - great espresso, nice latte art, friendly staff. A must-visit.

Bewley's (Grafton Street) - impressive heritage and building, pleasant to relax in, but not so good for take-away.

Butlers Chocolate Cafe (many locations) - strong espresso, free chocolate with every coffee.

Carluccio's (Dawson Street) - probably my favourite cafe at the moment.

Coffee Angel (IFSC/Docklands) - one of the best "classic cup" coffee-sellers in the city.

Fitzroy & Flinders (Rathmines, opposite the old Bank of Ireland building) - opened August 2010. Good food, good coffee. Supplied by Badger & Dodo.

Fixx (Dawson Street) - generally good (or even great) coffee, but a bit inconsistent.

Insomnia (Many locations) - inconsistent; some poor-quality coffee.

Nick's Coffee Company (Tara St and Ranelagh) - Good coffee, incredible prices.

Other coffee-related posts...

Nespresso - pretty good coffee from a very easy-to-use automated system, but it's not on a par with the best a barista can produce.

If you think there's a cafe I should try out, please let me know - maybe send me a tweet.