Friday, October 10, 2014

Oxjam Takeover 17-19th October

Oxfam is having a music event at their Francis St premises.  All for charity, of course.

I particularly recommend seeing the Booka Brass Band, who Dave and I caught at this year's Electric Picnic.

Tickets are modestly priced.  Check it out.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Prom night all over again

The folks at Hunt & Gather are putting on an 80s Prom Night, which sounds like fun.  17th October in The Pint on Eden Quay.  Details below.

H&G 1st Birthday: PROM NIGHT class of '87

Its hard to believe it was only a year ago little auld Hunt & Gather threw one of the first of many gatherings. We firmly believe in celebrating in full debutante style.

We would like to formally ask you out to our very own PROM NIGHT....

Men, don your most ill fitted rented tux. Ladies, daub that ruby lipstick and backcomb your hair. It’s time to step out of the shadows for a night of cheese, nostalgia and oh so much hairspray as Hunt&Gather presents The Prom. 

We at H&G understand the importance of your Prom and like most people we wish you could go back and do it right. Well on the 17th of October we are letting you do just that!

Set in the eccentric location of The Pint we’ll transport you to a place of serious 1980/90’s prom fantasticness! We’ll have Dj’s blasting out all the classics and ‘the robot’ will be highly encouraged! We’ll have a photo booth ready for you to retake those Prom pictures (cringey backdrops included)! A make up corner to get your sparkle and shine on. There will also be a vote for our alternative Prom King and Queen so be prepared to strut your stuff to gain votes!

The Pint will be providing some sweet drinks deals and some spiked punch! There won’t be any principle tapping you on the shoulder as you dance to the wee hours of the morning!

We’ll be pre-selling tickets to this event so we suggest you pick yours up a.s.a.p. as there will be a limited number on offer!

Standard Admission Tickets : €12

Music curated by Discotekken TBA.

Hope to catch you on the dance floor!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review: The Mariner

The Mariner is a play by Hugo Hamilton currently running in the Gate Theatre as part of the 2014 Dublin Theatre Festival. The Mariner is about a Royal Navy sailor who returns home in 1916 after being injured at the Battle of Jutland.

This might be one of those plays you'll either love or hate. The festival's blurb describes it as "exciting" - well no, sorry, it most certainly isn't. It's slow, dull, and feels rather too long. I'd be surprised if many audience members weren't relieved when it ended. But... it all depends what you're looking for. If you want a play to mull over, break down into layers and discuss or critique at length then The Mariner is a far more promising play. A play doesn't have to be exciting to be good; and the Mariner manages to be both superficially uninteresting yet enjoyable to consider at length. Perhaps it's like exercise or Beckett; sometimes you only appreciate it properly when it's over.

If you try to enjoy the play just at the level of the obvious plot and characters (mother, wife, returned sailor), you might well hate it. Arguably the key characters are the off-stage ones you hear about through the on-stage characters; some of these are based on real historical persons. And at the risk of overanalysing this, Hamilton seems to be operating on a few different layers here, all of which are just as important and valid as the literal interpretation. You might, for example, view the play with the mariner's identity being Ireland. At a push, you might even consider him to be a 20th century Will Mariner - do a google - or as being partly inspired by Hamilton's own search for identity. Your interpretations might differ.

Unfortunately though, whatever intriguing subtext the play possesses rests on a narrative too weak to support it.

Conclusion: 3/5 - a clever play that many will find boring.

The Mariner runs until 25th October 2014 in the Gate Theatre. The play's duration is about 90 minutes, with no interval. Tickets cost €25.