Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review: After Sarah Miles

After Sarah Miles is a one-man play currently on in Smock Alley Theatre in Temple Bar. It's performed in an almost narrative style, as the protagonist "Bobeen" tells his life story.

One-man plays can be dauntingly intense, but fortunately actor Don Wycherley gets the pace and tone spot on. Wycherley is entertaining right from the start. And though it's a cliché to describe a play as poignant - After Sarah Miles really is. The specifics of Bobeen's life as a fisherman off the west coast provide the setting, but I'd guess that everyone in the audience could relate to his sentiments.

Smock Alley's Boys' School is perhaps the best venue in the city for this style of play thanks to its distinctive interior layout; the compact floor space and high ceiling gets the audience close to the action without seeming crowded.

Conclusion: 4/5.

After Sarah Miles continues in Smock Alley Theatre until 7th June 2014, starting at 8 pm each evening and running for about 80 minutes without an interval. Tickets cost €15/€12.


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