Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Exhibition in White Lady Art - 'Holy Smokes and Cereal Killers'

And... we're back, and just in time for festival season. I've a good excuse for being busy recently: I've put my money where my mouth is and moved to Temple Bar. Despite the bad old image of the place some people still have, honestly, it's a wonderful area.

On the subject of Temple Bar, Wellington Quay's White Lady Art has an upcoming exhibition, 'Holy Smokes and Cereal Killers'. It opens on Friday 6th September and runs until 29th September (although the venue is closed on Mondays). White Lady Art does a great launch party, but even better is the vibrancy of the art - and the prices. It's nice to go to a launch and expect that not only might I want to buy something but that I won't feel ripped-off if I do.

The artist for this exhibition is known as MyTarPit - his blog is His style won't be to everyone's taste but I quite liked his cereal box works when I saw them previously.