Monday, March 11, 2013

All Ireland Craft Beer fest

The now annual All Ireland Craft Beer Fest makes a welcome return to George's Dock in the IFSC over the St Patrick's long weekend.  It starts on 13th March and runs until close of business on Monday 18th - a very long weekend!

It's free in Wednesday-Friday from 12 noon until 19:00 after which you pay a mere fiver entry.  This €5 entrance cost also applies at the weekend.  More knowledgeable people than me can talk about the beer but here is a link to the list of suppliers at the event.  Take note, they do tend to run out of stuff as the weekend goes on...meaning that you might be down to not a lot of choice by Monday.

There's also lots of food stalls and entertainment to be had.  Past experience tells me it can get very loud inside the tent, but looking at the snow on the ground outside today, maybe outside will be worse!!  Whatever the situation, it's always a great event.  Can't wait!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

First Thursdays

No, we're not dead. Normal posting will resume soon.

This evening is another "First Thursday", meaning that galleries and other arts venues remain open later than usual, often featuring new exhibitions or launches. Thanks, Temple Bar Cultural Trust!

Details are here.