Monday, February 11, 2013

City Intersections 12th February

The next session  of City Intersections takes place tomorrow evening at the Twisted Pepper on Abbey St.  The evening's topic is "Smart Dublin" and will feature talks from Rob Kitchin, Mary Mulvihill and Niamh Rabbitt.  These sessions are always worth, free in and start at 19:00.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: 'Darkness & Light' in Mill Theatre Dundrum

Chicken & Fox Productions have a short run of two one-act plays. They're presented under the title 'Darkness & Light' and are on in Mill Theatre Dundrum at 8 pm this evening and tomorrow (i.e. 8th and 9th February). Tickets cost €15/€13 and the performance runs for 2 hours including a 15 minute interval between the two plays.

The first and shorter of the plays is “Sprinting Toward The Light” by Erin Hug: "What if you’re not the person your friends think you are? Alice, Jack and Robin have been friends since school and they meet up in their late 20’s oblivious to the fact they are no longer as close as they were and their relationships have become more complicated. Will they achieve their goals in life?" It's enjoyable, and hits its emotional mark. A solid 3/5. (Just as an aside: Dear Internet, please quit with the marks-out-of-five inflation. Three is a success, not a failure.)

The second play is “All Fall Down” by Ciaran Murphy. It's about home care in modern Ireland: "Conor is dependent on the care of his older sister Eva, an untrained carer. Has the system failed them? What help is out there? This production examines the deep undercurrents and strain on this sibling relationship." I was concerned that this might be worthy but moralising or overly bleak, but not at all. It's well-written and packs a lot of variety into a short play. Kevin O'Flynn is a skilled and engaging physical actor and, thanks to the assistance of the National Council for The Blind, his understated portrayal of blindness is the highlight of the production. A clear 4/5.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wes Anderson films in Little Green

News from Little Green Cafe & Gallery:
The Green Room: Presents a month of Wes Anderson Little Green will be dedicating the entire month of February to the Fantastic Mr. Wes Anderson! Every Tuesday we will kick off at 6pm with two of the iconic filmmaker’s movies played back to back. Hosted by our friend Damien Mc Clurg there will be a mix of the classic favorites and a few hidden surprises to keep everyone on their toes. You may even see a film you haven’t seen before! Free popcorn will be giving out liberally and for those of you who decided to dress up as one of the famous characters you will be rewarded with some lovely prizes! We will also be playing the incredible soundtracks till late so if you would like to do something different with you Tuesdays pop down and check it out! Also if you want to book a table or the comfy couch send us on an email to

Monday, February 4, 2013

Joycean-esque goings on in TCD

A unique set of productions comes to the Samuel Beckett theatre in Trinity College  and the O'Reilly theatre on Great Denmark St this week. Tentheater Berlin will present 3 pieces on Joycean themes in a multilingual performance (sub-titles as well though).  Rather than produce actual Joyce pieces, these productions focus on the author, his family and life.  Further details can be found on TCD's theatre site and on the TeNTheater site.  Booking is available through