Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: Wunderkammer

So before I go any further: Wunderkammer is astounding and you should see it as soon as you can. Get over to the Dublin Theatre Festival website or office and get booking. Tickets are limited and the show won't be around for long.

Wunderkammer is the opening show for this year's Dublin Theatre Festival, and deservedly so. The group behind Wunderkammer (Circa) featured in the Festival a few years ago and were pretty damn amazing back then: and if anything they're even more impressive now. Wunderkammer is nominally inspired by circus acts, but the seven performers do things you'll never see in a typical circus. The audience reaction is entertaining in itself: it's just one I-can't-believe-humans-can-do-that after another. Oh, and the music's not bad either.

An amazing show - strongly recommended.

Rating: exceptional, 5/5.

Wunderkammer runs until 29th September in the Gaiety Theatre. Tickets cost €25 to €35 (and are worth every cent!). The show runs for approximately 85 minutes, with no interval. Suggested for audiences 12+.


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