Friday, September 20, 2013

Review - Animus

Animus is a Fringe Festival play combining video, dance, live music and dialogue. A very Fringe-y concept, I'll sure you'll agree, and fortunately the diverse elements all fit together to create an enjoyable performance.

Animus is a story of revenge; and as there's rarely benefit in a review spelling out the details of the plot I'll just say that it starts a little slowly but picks up as it goes on. Just make sure you pay some attention to the live music - it's excellent but could easily go unnoticed in the background.

Rating: good - ***

The final two performance are on Friday 20th September and Saturday 21st September, both at 8:45 pm in the Lir Academy. Duration: 75 minutes without an interval. Tickets cost €14 / €12.


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