Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: 'The Man From Earth'

Guest review of 'The Man From Earth' by reader Kevin B:

The Man From Earth is a thought-provoking play based on an awarding-winning screenplay and low-budget indie-movie of the same name. The play has been brought to Dublin by the theatre group No Drama and is on until the 11th May 2013 in the Sean O'Casey Theatre in East Wall.

Though technically in the genre of science fiction, it has more in common with the excellent sub-genre of alternative history. This is not a genre of play commonly accessible in Dublin so the chance should not be missed to sample it. Without giving the plot away, if you enjoy reasonably deep conversations with friends about history, science and philosophy, then you should enjoy this.

Of particular note was the lead actor, Daniel O'Brien, who delivers a compelling performance from a demanding role and lead actress Aisling Morgan who handles the understated subtleties of her role admirably.

Though one hour twenty minutes long with no interval, it has enough plot twists to keep the audience stimulated.

Tickets cost €12 / €10 and are available here. Perhaps it's a sign of the play's merits that we received a second guest review, a review of the opening night performance by Padraig McAuliffe, who comments: "This adaptation of a screen-play by [Jerome] Bixby, who wrote screenplays for the Twilight Zone and Star Trek, does what the best of these series excelled in, namely speculate about the limits of science and man’s place within its laws. ... Highly recommended."


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