Sunday, November 4, 2012

Coffeeangel on South Anne Street

Coffeeangel has recently opened a new cafe on South Anne Street, just off Dawson Street. Although the area has many existing cafes I can say without doubt that this is the best.

OK, so 'best' is pretty subjective in matters of taste, and I prefer light-roast coffee to dark-roasted "classic cup" or milky coffees. If you like good filter coffee then Coffeeangel is superb: both of the aeropress coffees I've tried were as good or better than any other filters I've ever had, even better than 3fe filter coffees. 3fe (Third Floor Espresso) is my benchmark for excellence in coffee, and has played a huge part in improving coffee in Dublin. Coffeeangel might be even better.

Oh, and the espresso is good too.

The cafe is a pop-up and might continue only until January. I sure hope it lasts longer.


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