Wednesday, November 21, 2012

'Blood Ties' in the New Theatre

Focus Theatre have an upcoming production in the New Theatre. I'm going to be lazy yet informative and just put up the press release, below:

The Focus Theatre in association with The New Theatre present

“Blood Ties” (3 One act plays) by Andy Hinds.

3rd to 15th December 2012, The New Theatre

‘The darker aspects of human nature are laid bare, in this questioning of contemporary relationships’


Jonathan is visiting his daughter Gracie, whose blood count has been dropping ever since he opted to live away from the family home. As his wife tries every possible means to coax Jonathan to come back, the darker aspects of the couple’s relationship are laid bare.

Cast:Paul Marron & Audrey McCoy

Director:Andy Hinds


As a motley collection of ‘street drinkers’organise their first tipple of the day we gradually come to know the circumstances that have brought the characters to this way of life, and equally the fears and self-delusions that tie them to it.

Cast: Joe Purcell, Stephen Colfer, Graeme Singleton& Colette Kelly

Director:Andy Hinds


A father waits to learn if his prematurely-born child is going to survive the night Slowly revealed are the exceptional circumstances which have lead to the conception of the child together with the potentially redemptive effect the child’s survival will have for the father.

Cast: Andy Hinds

Director:Paul Kennedy

Venue: The New Theatre

Dates: 3rd to 15th December 2012, nightly @ 7.30pm (previews 03rd & 4th Dec)

Tickets:€15/12/10, ph 01 6703361


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