Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cause & Effect

Tonight is the second and final night for the improv show Cause & Effect in the Mill Theatre, Dundrum. I saw the show yesterday and enjoyed it. Given that parts of the show are based on audience suggestions, it won't be the same show tonight as on Friday, but my guess is that you'll enjoy it if you see it.

In the first half of the show a member of the audience was invited up on stage to take part in an improvised story. This sounds like a high-risk concept and perhaps it could go wrong on the night, but Neil Curran of Herewego Theatre and his guest were superb. As well as enjoying this section of the show in its own right, I'm also delighted to see a theatre company successfully give a member of the audience the chance to really interact instead of merely being acted upon. I'm a fan of immersive theatre but at times its scripting can create an unpleasant sense of powerlessness. Improv - at least in this format - takes the final step and gives an equality to the audience member. And the uncertainty of it all, the possibility of failure, adds to the drama.

The second half of Cause & Effect used ideas provided by the audience to inspire improv scenes by the three actors. It was good, but not as polished as the first half. More precisely, many of the scenes were good but there were just too many scenes. Using the interval to cut down the number might have helped.

I should also mention that Mill Theatre benefits from being part of Dundrum Town Centre (as they call the shopping centre down there). On a cold but dry Friday evening there was a lovely buzz to the area. As well as the bars and restaurants nearby, the theatre has its own bar. The staff were friendly and theatre-goers can bring drinks into the studio-theatre being used for Cause & Effect, although this is not permitted for the main theatre.

Tickets cost €12 / €10 and the show starts at 8:15 pm.


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