Friday, August 24, 2012

Oktober come early

It's a busy weekend in Dublin town, with many a gorgeous sight at the riverside - and the ships ain't bad either. The festival season is seriously kicking off, so you can expect plenty of updates from your favourite event bloggers.

Arthur's Day is nothing compared to the German Oktoberfest. For some years now, Dublin has had its own version of this mostly liquid event. We are reliably informed that the foaming will this year take place 13 - 16 September (Septemberfest?) in the Mansion House, as opposed to the IFSC where it has been located in the past.

You know what to expect by now - beers, pretzels, what is, uh, best described as traditional German music, and doubtlessly craic-a-plenty. The entry is free but they suggest you book tables. All the necessary information is available on the website.

The marketing relies heavily on young women in dirndls, as might be expected. I am asking where the strapping lads in lederhosen are?


  1. Erdinger are hosting Oktoberfest in George's Dock this year - slightly later in September than the Paulaner one in the Mansion House.

  2. Aha. All the Weissbier in the world. That makes more sense, thank you!