Friday, June 29, 2012

Dublin Pride

So Dublin Pride has been on for the past week, and we've been very remiss to not mention it before now.  But do not fear, there's still a whole weekend to drape yourself in a rainbow flag and participate.  All the major gay venue are hosting a pile of events, so you could just show up at any one of them but here's a selection of interesting events over the weekend.

The flagship event is tomorrow.  The Pride parade is always worth watching, and taking part in it even more so.  Assembly starts at noon for at 14:00 beginning at the Garden of Remembrance.  Panti is the grand marshal.

Bressie is playing at The George tonight.
They're also doing their usual bingo with Shirley Temple Bar on Sunday.

Pussy Cat Club, also tonight, at the Button Factory.  Ireland's top female DJs will be there.  Dancing seems essential.

The official closing party is at Sauce in The Kitchen and Boy George is Djing.


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