Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brother Hubbard cafe

Brother Hubbard is a new cafe on Capel Street. Opened about three months ago, it's supported by 3FE and HasBean. They've recently had a big break with a favourable review by the Irish Times.

As fans of 3FE will expect the coffee is excellent. There's some variation in the style of coffee produced by the 3FE-associated cafes; Brother Hubbard's espresso is similar to the typical 3FE espresso, having a wonderfully acidic zing. Brother Hubbard also serves food - my first impressions are positive.

As for Rosemary MacCabe's assertion that "Capel Street is becoming one of Dublin’s most happening quarters"... well, maybe. The opening of The Black Sheep craft-beer pub was a good sign, but for now (as I hope the photo above illustrates) Capel Street remains rather ugly. Let's hope that Brother Hubbard's arrival is part of a trend.


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