Friday, June 1, 2012

Bloom in the Park

With all the advertising going on for Bloom, you hardly need us to remind you it's on this weekend.  Never the less, if gardening is your thing, then you'll want to get your ass down to the Phoenix Park any day of the long weekend.  It opened yesterday and runs every day from 10am to 18:00.  Tickets are steep enough at €20 per day for a non-senior citizen adult or €12 if you are over 65 but kids are free.  If I were going, I'd be heading straight for the Food Village and artisan (whatever that means!) food market.  The Environmental Zone has some interesting features from the Federation of Irish Beekeepers and the Tree Council of Ireland, amongst others.  Reading through the website brings to mind the fabulous Eden Project in Cornwall.  If Bloom is anything like that, then it's well worth a visit.  I hope they get decent weather, or at least as little rain as possible.


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