Friday, May 4, 2012

'The World is a Vampire' - Dublintellectual

Following their successful zombie-themed event earlier this year, Dublintellectual return to the Back Loft on St Augustine Steet this evening with an event called The World is a Vampire. The three speakers and their subjects are:
Moïra Fowley, "A Field Guide to Teenage Vampires";
Sorcha NiFhlainn, “Vampire Narratives Post 9/11 & the Presidency of George W. Bush";
Mary Bridgeman, "Dead Vampire is Redundant: Life, Love, and Death in Mystic Falls".

There'll also be the debut screening of a short film called 'Vampire Story'.

Dublintellectual's events vary quite a bit in their format. This should be one of the more light and informal ones, so BYOB and have fun. The event starts at 7:30 pm and there's a €5 charge on the door - well worth it.


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