Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May the Fourth be with you

If jazz is not your thing, and let's face, it isn't for a lot of people, perhaps Invasion is more to your liking.  Star Wars conventions are a huge deal, and as far as I know, this is the only regular one in Dublin.  It's on this weekend in Citywest, running all four days.  It's family-friendly too.  There's a huge array of events running.  It may also explain why I saw stormtroppers in the Pavilions last weekend.

Just some of the events that took my fancy are:

Q&A with Lando Calrissian himself (or Billy Dee Williams, as he likes to be known on this planet)
Star Wars weddings (vow renewal only!)
Star Wars Quiz - aiming to discover who is the biggest fan in Ireland
Cosplay - with categories for kids and adults

A lot of these events are repeated every day, so if you are attending multiple days, then you'll have plenty of opportunity to do them all.  There does not appear to be any evening events.

Tickets are €14.50 a day for an adult or €10 for a child over 4.  There's weekend and family tickets available too and there's free parking on site.

And now, why not, here's the awesome Imperial March.


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