Monday, May 28, 2012

Ethica - four short plays by Samuel Beckett

'Ethica' is a production of four short Samuel Beckett plays by new theatre company Sugarglass Theatre. Ethica runs until 2nd June 2012 in the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Trinity College, Dublin. Full details are here.

The first of the four shorts is Play. It's quite similar to other (longer) Beckett plays, and I must admit to a moment of dread: there are times when Beckett seems like punishment for some unknown crime. Character-building punishment, perhaps, but definitely not fun.

Fortunately this concern didn't last too long. I wonder if shorts are the best way to appreciate Beckett? Come and Go (pictured above) is beautiful, with an elegant and simple structure. Catastophe is regarded as one of the playwright's most political plays, but is also beautiful as a piece of theatre, though it's not quite a match for Come and Go. Leaving the best until last, the final work is What Where. If M.C. Escher wrote plays, What Where might have been the type of play he'd have written.

Beckett's plays aren't to everyone's taste, but Sugarglass can be pleased with this well-produced collection of shorts.

Rating: 4/5


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