Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dublin Writers Festival 2012

The lineup for Dublin Writers Festival 2012 was announced yesterday. Once more, they will produce an impressive selection of wordsmiths to the pleasure and edification of the public. Consider names such as Josh Ritter, Alain de Botton, Mark Haddon, Bryan & Mary Talbot, Wendy Cope, Jeannette Winterson, Mario Vargas Llosa (gasp) and Richard Dawkins. (Who seems to be in Ireland every other month. (Does he reckon he has work to do here, I wonder?)

Aside from the major authorial ones, my attention was drawn by two other events. The festival is acknowledging two Irish literary journals, The Stinging Fly, and the Moth (what is it about flying insects?) by hosting the launch of their latest editions. I am delighted to see such involvement with these quite young, ambitious publications.

The other event that tickled my excitement is an evening titled 'Best European Fiction'. This will present three new writers from the 2012 anthology of European short fiction. One of the writers is Maritta Lintunen, a Finn, and I, as her fellow countrywoman, am of course very excited to see her feature here. If you ask me, not enough Finnish literature is translated into English, but hopefully Lintunen's presence here will awaken more curiousity about her own literary scene.

The festival will take place 4-10 June. Full programme and booking details are available here. The events vary in cost between €7.50 and €20, but some are also free.


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