Monday, April 2, 2012

Dublin: One City, One Book

This year's choice for One City, One Book is James Joyce's Dubliners. The idea of One City, One Book is for the people of Dublin to share the experience of reading the same book. It runs each April, and Dubliners is a fine choice given that this year is an important one for Joyce's works due to copyright expirations.

So far I've read only part of Dubliners. It's not the dense, difficult read I'd feared it might be; Ulysses has given Joyce a reputation for being hard to read, but as a collection of short stories Dubliners is quite a light read.

There'll be various events on over the month. The first one I've been to is a new self-guided audio tour by Wonderland Productions, taking the listener on a walk through Dublin with a series of well-produced audio-plays combined with commentary on the Dublin of Joyce's day. I'll be writing more about this later - it's a permanent production and will continue on long after this year's One City, One Book.


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