Thursday, April 5, 2012

Avenue Q

I was at Avenue Q in the Grand Canal Theatre* last night.  It's quite the experience and I'm not 100% how I felt about it yet.

The premise owes a lot to Sesame St and the Muppets - it's about a bunch of people and puppets, some of whom are monsters live on Avenue Q in New York.  The show deals with a number of "becoming an adult" issues like leaving college, getting a job, sexuality, relationships and wondering what you're going to do with your life.  Unlike Sesame St or the Muppets, you see the puppeteers on stage as they do voices and movement but the idea is that you look at the puppets.  I never quite got passed this and spent at least half the time looking at the humans as well. 

Let me be quite clear: this is not for kids.  Song titles like "The Internet is for porn" and "Everyone's a little bit racist" will give you an idea.  But it is very funny.  Very funny.  The target audience is 20-40 years old and the audience last night certainly reflected that.  Parts of the show are localised for whatever city they're in (like the Reduced Shakespeare Co. does) so there was a mention of Ballymun at one point but animated parts remained localised for Britain, which irritated members of my party.  It runs for 2 hours 15 minutes with an interval.

I'm still singing some of the songs but I'm not convinced I'd ever see it again, which to me is the litmus test of a truly amazing musical.

Its (ridiculously) short run ends on Saturday but I believe tickets are still available for the last few shows.

*I'm not over the horrible name change yet, alright?!


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