Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FOODFIGHT in the Back Loft, La Catedral Studios

White Lady Art are about to open another exhibition, this time in the Back Loft gallery on St Augustine St. It's called FOODFIGHT - here's how they describe it:
What do six Belfast artists have in common? How about a strangely obsessive draw towards food! Or fighting with it…FOOD FIGHT! is a show that will take the artist out of Belfast and root himself and herself firmly in the realm of foodie heaven, each exploring their sugar-encrusted, fuel vs. taste tendencies. While other (more conservative one might say) exhibitions deal with worldy issues like love, death, beauty…and dare I say it, politics….this will be an unabashed foray into the one thing we are supposed to do every day of our lives! EAT! What else can you say you do three times a day without your friends staging interventions? Each artist has been thrown in the custardy deep end to sink or swim, providing you with their idea of culinary bliss, exploring their artistic character's relationship with grub, and delving into to pithy depths of their psychological relationship with nom-noms.

Where: the Back Loft gallery, La Catedral Studios, 7-11 Saint Augustine Street, Dublin 8
When: Wednesday March 7th - Sunday March 11th
Opening night: Wednesday March 7th 6pm - 9pm
Tickets: €7 or €5 conc.
After-party: Generator Hostel, Smithfield Square


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