Friday, February 24, 2012

Strictly Come Dancing at the O2 - a review

Some would say that most things happening at the O2 (or the Point as I still call it) are not cultural, and a lot of the time, these people are right.  But that doesn't mean I should review immensely popular events.  Right?

I was at the second of 2 nights of the Strictly Come Dancing live tour last night.  It has become an annual event with a certain group of friends.  We all dress up, have dinner before, and then enjoy the show.  The audience was overwhelmingly female with a fair amount of kids.  There were almost no empty seats and the dance floor, smaller than previous years, was clearly visible from most areas of the venue.  I hardly ever resorted to the video screens to see the dancing properly. 

This year's tour featured 6 celebs from the most recent series (including the finalists: Chelsee Healy, Jason Donovan and winner Harry Judd) and one from a previous series.  The 3 male judges were all present - Alesha has never done the tour and since she defected quit Strictly to go to Britain's Got Talent in January, she wasn't about to deviate from the norm.  Each couple danced two dances (one ballroom, one latin) and were scored.  The audience picks the winner by texting.  There's also a couple of group dances and some professional only dances.  Jason and Kristina won on the night: their Argentine Tango just pipped my dance of the evening from Harry & Aliona's super Quickstep.

I'm making it sound a little dull but it isn't.  There's more glitter than a Mariah Carey album. There's more fake tan than a beauty contest.  There's more cringeworthy raunchy scripted dialogue than Blind Date.  It's more camp than a row of pink tents.  It's FAB-U-LOUS, dahling.  Will we be back next year?  Absolutely.


  1. Great review, sounds like we missed a fab-u-lous evening :)

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