Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New(ish) plays

Firstly, I'd like to mention one of the plays currently running in Project Arts Centre, The Goddess of Liberty (pictured right), "a story of family, friendship and survival among Irish immigrants in gold-rush Alaska". I have not, unfortunately, yet had the chance to see it, but as Project Arts generally select good plays and this one was supported by Fishamble it seems right to at least mention that that the play is out until 18th February.

Secondly, Bookworms by Bernard Farrell previews this evening in the Abbey Theatre. (Unlike The Goddess of Liberty, this isn't a newly-written play.) Here's the blurb:
Everyone’s favourite book club reforms for more wine, cheese and outrageous revelations, as the hugely successful Bookworms by Bernard Farrell returns to the Abbey stage.

Tonight’s book club host, Ann, is struggling to stay calm, desperate to deliver the perfect evening of literary classics and late-night canap├ęs. But when the all-female group invite their husbands to join the club, and a mysterious figure pays a visit from upstairs, everyone is forced to contend with a lot more than just Virginia Woolf.

Opinions are challenged; suspicions aroused and tempers flare as their daily lives unravel into a saga to rival even the wildest fiction.


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