Monday, February 20, 2012

Kathrina Rupit exhibition in Little Green St Gallery

I have a suggestion for you: if you haven't been to an art exhibition opening night, try one out some time. Sure, it's a hit and miss affair, but it can be a lot of fun. And I have of course an example to start you off with.

There's an art gallery on the corner of Little Britain Street and Little Green Street called the Little Green Street Gallery. Fittingly for its name, this is quite a small space, and that makes it just the right size for a one-artist exhibition. Saturday 25th February is the opening night for Mexican street artist Kathrina Rupit. Here's what White Lady Art say about it:

White Lady Art is very pleased and proud to present the very first Irish solo show of Mexican street artist, Kathrina Rupit, at the Little Green St Gallery, just off Capel St. You may recognise her work from the October art show, and we loved her work so much we decided to present you with an exhibition of all of her work to date! Check out the online catalogue for a sneak peak of what will be on the walls at the show, and make a date for your diaries for the opening night...we are going to have a bevvy or two from our pals at Tiger Beer, and the lovely Jason at Fibbers Rock Bar, Ormond Quay, has arranged our after-party too. What a star! With drinks on special and an opening night of such Mexican magnitude, it's going to be a good one, folks!

Here at White Lady Art, we're into our affordable art! Kathrina's original paintings will be for sale, and not too pricey, as well as some amazing pieces done on very special industrial paper that will go for €20. These aren't your regular exhibition prints, mind, but are hand-painting originals! Who said art was expensive?!!

Where: Little Green Street Gallery, 12A Little Britain Street, Dublin 7. Free entry!

When: Saturday 25th February opening night (6-9), runs until Tuesday 28th February.

And then...?: After-party at Fibbers Rock Bar, Ormond Quay, €4 drinks including spirits (5 shots of J├Ągermeister for €15).

I'm looking forward to it. Cheap art and cheap beer: a winning combination.


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