Friday, February 3, 2012

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2012

JDIFF is back and I've attempted to trawl their (as usual) incomprehensible website.  I don't know why they make it so hard to find a list of all the films on one page.  Stellan Skarsgard is in town to launch and apparently Al Pacino will be putting in an appearance.  I was at the final movie last year (Potiche - see it, it's funny) and was annoyed at all the pretentious speech making before the movie started.  Apparently, this is a feature.  For me, there's not enough old movies, but I do see the original Batman movie, complete with Prince soundtrack is showing.  I saw that in the Grand cinema in Fairview when I was a kid.  That cinema is now a Tesco.  Urgh.  The Lighthouse, The Savoy, IFI and Cineworld are the main venues.

Films I want to see:

17th Feb
Womb (Eva Green clones her lover)
Damsels in Distress (sounds like Clueless crossed with Heathers)
18th Feb
Supercl√°sico (a Danish comedy in Buenos Aires)
Albert Nobbs (filmed in Dublin, Glenn Close attending, expect this to get a mainstream release though)
19th Feb
Black Gold (Arabs fight over stuff in the 1930s - looks visually impressive)
Bel Ami (a lot of good looking people in a social climbing 1880s Paris)
22nd Feb
A Quiet Life (a hitman returns to a life he abandoned 20 years previously - the director will attend)
Stella Days (Martin Sheen is a priest in 1950s Ireland, President Bartlett himself attending)
The Day I was not born (a young woman who didn't know she was adopted discovers her past)
25th Feb
A Royal Affair (Danish royals have an affair - true story ish)
Hunky Dory (Minnie Driver in the 1970s puts on The Tempest at a school - expect a good soundtrack, probably no crisps though)
26th Feb
Bambi (bring the tissues: I don't think they've changed the story)

I might have been interested in Wilde Salome but I heard it's already sold out.  Tickets went on sale last night.  So here's my problem - a lot of these movies are on the same day, and have only one showing.  I need to learn how to bi-locate.  Obviously, I'm not going to get through even half this ambitious list of movies.  Should JDIFF be putting on fewer movies and showing them a couple of times?  I think it's more likely I will view some of these movies on video or not at all.  First world problems, I know.


  1. Black Gold sounds quite watchable.


  2. i wanted to see Wild Salome and Pacino but it's sold out since last night :(((
    is there any way i can get a ticket over the phone or at last minute like games and concerts?