Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday night at the National Concert Hall

I was at the National Concert Hall on Friday night to hear the National Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven's 8th symphony and Shostakovich's 7th symphony.  I'm always saying to Dave and Nina that we should cover more music but for whatever reason, we don't hear about it or we personally aren't keen.  This, I was keen on.  Shostakovich is my favourite composer and having lived in St. Petersburg, I have always liked his 7th symphony, which was besieged during World War II while he wrote this.  And it is magnificent to hear live.  There was approximately 116 musicians on the stage for it.  We were sitting in the choir balcony (aka cheap seats) which meant we could see down into the orchestra and the conductor's face as he conducted.  I don't know why you wouldn't always sit there!  I mean seriously €10 for over 2 hours of fantastic talent.  Andrew Litton was the conductor and he was brilliant.  The place was mostly full and only a tiny number of people were asleep!  If you've never heard an orchestra perform, then you really are missing out.

The NCH has something on most nights of the week and there is music to suit most people's ear.
Go forth and listen!


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