Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feeding Times at Science Gallery

The latest exhibition from the highly acclaimed Science Gallery started on Friday. It's called Edible and its subject is food:
Who knew that a forkful of food could have such a far reaching effect? Science Gallery’s first foray into food, EDIBLE, tackles this vast topic from the perspective of the eater, probing how our actions as eaters shape what is sown, grown, harvested and consumed.

The exhibition pieces are moderately interesting (although in my opinion not a match for last year's excellent Elements) but with an exhibition about food Science Gallery has the opportunity to give visitors the chance to try out tasty and unusual foods. They've called this Feeding Time, and for just €3 you can sample the latest delicacy on offer. Today (Sunday 12th February) there are two Feeding Times, at 15:00 and 17:00, and the 'special' is carrot and sea spaghetti salad. (I had this yesterday - it's good.) Along with the main dish there are other small samples to taste, such as seaweed, cheese and preserves. Don't except a full meal; this is just a tasting. Pre-booking is advised.

The administration of Feeding Times is disappointingly burocratic. As much as I like their catchily-named tickets ("Ration Cards", right) the system seems slightly confusing to customers. Some items are free and served throughout the day; others have a cost and are at Feeding Times. Payment and Ration Cards are away from the tasting area, at the front fesk of the exhibition - not, mind you, the front desk of Science Gallery. I don't want to overstate this issue though, as it's merely a nuisance rather than a real problem.

The poor acoustics are also unfortunate, but ultimately Feeding Time is about taste, and on that count I liked it. Edible is another good exhibition from Science Gallery, and if you visit the exhibition I'd recommend going to a Feeding Time.


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