Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Get Back to the Tivoli

The Tivoli is a theatre I often forget about, I'm sad to say.  So when an email popped upped reminding me of its existence, I thought I should mention it.

Get Back is the story of the Beatles documenting their Liverpool origins and going right through to the break-up.  If ever you wanted a musical where you'd be guaranteed a good singalong, I bet this would be it.  The site doesn't mention any actors names, etc so I don't know if they're genuine musicians but references suggest they are doing their own singing.  No matter though, I reckon it will be a good family show.

It runs from 19th January to 14th February.  Tickets are between €20 - €28.50

I notice from the Tivoli's website that this sort of musical seems to be a theme for this year with a similar type show for Elvis and then Abba due before summer.  Nostalgia-rama.


  1. hi all , the shows are performed by musicians you can really see how much effort and research goes into it What a great job to have if your talented of course !!

  2. what a great show and the band have being playing years.I went to see them many years ago when they just played the beatles classics,But the show i swa last night was amazing.So much effort has gone into it and it was so good i,m taking my 16yr old son to it again.