Sunday, January 1, 2012

Electric Céilí playing at The Big Brunch in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar

Electric Céilí are on stage this afternoon in Meeting House Square for 'The Big Brunch'. Actually the food isn't particularly brunchy, but never mind, the weather is beautiful and Electric Céilí know how to work a crowd.

That's a very poor quality photo I've taken of the band, so to make up for it here are some much nicer pictures of a cute dog called Cosi who was wandering around being friendly. The first time the music stopped he started barking, but fortunately for everyone that didn't continue.


  1. I wish you'd posted photos of the food, too. How awesome would it be to enjoy brunch with an awesome band playing live music? I love the food by our local NYC catering companies, but I would love to visit Dublin. And Cosi is such a cute dog!