Monday, December 12, 2011

Docklands Christmas Market

I dropped by the Docklands Christmas Market on Saturday, which was a cold but dry day - in other words, perfect weather for a market.  Now in its 7th year, the market is on George's Dock beside the CHQ building - the same place as they hold Oktoberfest every year.  In some ways, it feels quite similar to Oktoberfest - there's lots of hot food stalls selling similar fair but otherwise, it's far more Christmas-y and family orientated.  There's not one but two carousels - one is big enough for adults and is an entirely reasonable €3 a go (no kids in my party so we decided to forgo the experience).  The big carousel has been restored and looks very impressive.  Down on the dock itself, there are stands with people selling a variety of weird and wonderful Christmas presents from books to toys to dodgy metallic healing jewellery!  There were charity carol singers on a stage in the afternoon adding a nice festive air to the, em, air.  I imagine it's getting lots of hungry IFSC workers on the weekday lunchtimes but it was reasonably quiet, and therefore quite relaxed and fun when I was there on Saturday.

The Docklands Christmas Market is open every day until 23rd December from noon on weekdays and 10:00 on weekends until 20:00.


  1. What do you need kids for? :D I *always* ride in that carousel and was very sorry that it wasn't there last year. Delighted to hear it's made a return, I will most certainly take it up again!

  2. Lovely post Clare. I think all those Docklands markets are the same, really, but I like them all anyway!