Sunday, November 6, 2011

Upcoming plays

It's now been more than two weeks since Dublin's festival season ended with the close of this year's Dublin Theatre Festival, and after a bit of a break I'm starting to get the must-see-more-plays jitters. So here's a list of a few of the plays on in Dublin over November:

Already up and running at the moment in the Abbey Theatre is B for Baby by Theatre Lovett. I liked this when I saw it last year as part of the 2010 Dublin Theatre Festival. My review is here. The play runs until 19th November.

Monday 7th - The Smell of Want in Project Arts Centre. This dance theatre performance has already run in New York and received good reviews. Could be pretty intense, given that the website says: "Suitable ages 16+, may contain nudity. Audience members may be asked to leave at any point during the performance." Runs until 12th November.

Monday 7th - The New Theatre on East Essex St. has something a little different to the normal theatre experience, their New Writing Week. Each night this week through to Saturday 12th they have a pair of play-readings of newly-written (or at least as-yet-unperformed) scripts.

Wednesday 9th - more dance theatre in Project Arts, this time Touch Me by CoisCéim Dance Theatre. Runs until 19th November.

Friday 11th - Bogboy in Axis Theatre in Ballymun. I haven't seen it but it seems to have received good reviews.

Friday 11th - Fight Night is on in the Mill Theatre in Dundrum. It'll also be on in Axis Theatre on 17th November, with a Dinner Theatre special of €25 for the show and a three-course meal.

Monday 14th - Tyranny in Beckett: Catastrophe, As the Story was Told, Rough for Radio II, What Where in the recently reopened Smock Alley Theatre. The theatre company behind this is called Mouth on Fire and were (so their website says) set up last year to "bring Beckett to the general public and make his work accessible to those who may never have had a chance to experience it before". Good, good, more of that kind of thing. The play continues until Sunday 20th. Oh, and one of the nice things about Smock Alley is that it's nearby to the Ormond Wine Bar, which last time I checked sells a bottle of red for just €9.50 or so.

Monday 21st - Druid Theatre will be in the Gaiety with their production of John B. Keane's Big Maggie: "Set in 1960s rural Ireland, Big Maggie is a compelling portrait of a woman who is determined to take control of her life following the death of her husband. Shocking for its time – the play premiered in 1969 – the portrait that Keane painted of the dark side of Irish family life seems now to be eerily prescient." Runs until 26th November.


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