Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two new plays out in the Pearse Centre

Sheer Tantrum Theatre Company have two new plays starting tomorrow, 21st November, in the Pearse Centre on Pearse Street. Tickets cost €15/€12 and cover the two plays, except for the matinee performances which cost €7 and feature only one of the plays.

Here are the theatre company's descriptions of the two pieces:
The Applicant: Rachel needs Ian to have a winning smile. Ian doesn’t really care as long as he gets the job, or better still gets with Rachel. An absurd comedy that slaps in the face of recession!

Voices in the Rubble: Avril thinks she just killed the postman; then again it could be a case of mistaken identity. An absurdist comedy that pushes the boundaries of conventional marriage!

You can buy tickets over on


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