Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Prophet of Monto @ Axis: Ballymun

The short review: it's only on until Saturday and it's awesome so buy tickets now.

The proper review:

It's a 2 person play, done in monologues.  Often, I do not enjoy this sort of play.  This was not often.  It grabs you by the throat from the opening lines and doesn't let go.  My attention didn't waver, I wasn't distracted by the audience or the rigging, etc.  Both actors, Laoisa Sexton and Michael Mellamphy, were brilliant.  I'm only sorry I didn't hear Laoisa's real accent because her inner city Dublin accent was spot on, down to nuance and facial expression and there was a moment where she did another Irish accent so perfectly.  John Paul Murphy's script is tight and funny, in a Roddy Doyle-laughing at your own misfortune way.  I actually wondered how it played with American audiences - remember how they allegedly issued a glossary when they screened The Committments

Yes, I may have really enjoyed this play.  It runs for about an hour and a half and there's no interval, so don't drink too much beforehand!


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