Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: I ♥ Alice ♥ I

Part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival's programme is called ReViewed. The idea is to give audiences a chance to see successful plays by reshowing them. I ♥ Alice ♥ I received considerable acclaim last year and so has been included in ReViewed, and is being staged in several theatres over the next two weeks. At the moment it's running in Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar, before moving on to Draíocht in Blanchardstown and then the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire.

I'm going to rather lazily quote the description of the play from the festival website:
Alice and Alice are coming out. Finally.

Two exceptional, opinionated women were spotted winking at each other in Crumlin Shopping Centre. Now they’re in a show...reluctantly. Defying stereotype, they’re here to share with you something they’ve never dared to before.

A fresh, human and hilarious piece from this defiant new company HotForTheatre, I ♥ Alice ♥ I explores the monumental journey of a most unlikely couple.

I enjoyed it. The pace was good, and although the play has a message it makes it gently and with warm good humour. The most exceptional feature of I ♥ Alice ♥ I is the convincing reconstruction of the life stories of Alice and Alice - rarely does a play provide such a wealth of details.

The play runs for about one hour. Ticket prices vary depending on the venue. Details on the festival website are here.


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