Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: Halloween - Dark Stories at National Leprechaun Museum

We recently highlighted the Dark Stories event organised by National Leprechaun Museum for the nights surrounding Halloween. Last night, of all nights, a preview was held, and a number of bloggers and writers braved the elements to get a glimpse of the Otherworld. Little did we know that by the time we would emerge into the streets of Dublin again, the Otherworld would have followed us and attempted to drag the city away into the depths.

I will not say too much to avoid spoiling the experience. The participants are sent off on a journey through the lands of spirits and death, through darkness - and there is a lot of darkness - and stories of old and new. This is most decidedly not a jolly haunted house for the kids: the stories are laden with gore, sex and mystical rock'n'roll. At least one of the story points was genuinely unsettling, and I was, in fact, rather glad to have a companion along whose hand to hold. The transitions from one room to another could have been smoother; at the first transition the group was left wondering for a couple of minutes which way to go at a dead end, which jarred a little. However, this was a minor moment of confusion. The performers were skilled and convincing and the environments creatively put together. After we completed the journey, we were served some tasty poitin while an enthusiastic gentleman told us more stories, this time about ghost hunting.

It was a very enjoyable experience put together by people who clearly sincerely love what they are doing. It is a tendency for any people to not pay a great deal of attention to their own heritage. Even as I would definitely recommend the Leprechaun Museum to foreigners, I would strongly encourage the natives to visit as well. You might discover that the stories resound with parts of you of which you were not previously aware. Samhain Nights would be a perfect opportunity for a first visit. Just remember to hold on to the little gift you're given before you embark on your journey - it might just save your life.


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