Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Over 50s Show & Back to my Past at the RDS

Never let it be said that we are solely about crazy young people activities.  The Over 50s Show returns to the RDS the weekend after next, 21 - 23 October.  It's a fairly comprehensive event covering travel, health, beauty, hobbies, financial advice and gardening.  There's competitions as well.  It costs €10 to get in.

As part of it, they have a "Back to our Past" show, which is for all you budding genealogists out there.  Now, I'm far from over 50 but I have done a lot of work in tracing my ancestry.  I haven't been in previous years but I am going this year.  It will feature all the major genealogy organisations working in Ireland like the National Archives, the National Library, Eneclann, Who do you think you are magazine, Irish Roots magazine, Roots Ireland, Ancestry, Find My Past.   I could go on.  They also have an extensive lecture program which will feature various famous genealogists (for certain values of famous!)  Unfortunately, most of the really good ones are on Friday, when those of us under 50 will be at work.  I'm particularly interested to hear the talk on how they film Who do you think you are? and one about getting the best from newspapers.  This event is also €10 to get in - it's not clear if it's the same tenner or a second one.  You can get a an advance ticket for a fiver from Irish Genealogy News and there's also online booking.  Happy Hunting!


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