Sunday, October 2, 2011

Library Talks

The National Library doesn't just have books, you know.  There's all sorts of events, tours and lectures going on.  I wanted to mention the upcoming "Library Late" series of talks.  Each costs a mere fiver and can be booked from the Library's website.

Dr Darryl Jones, head of the school of English at TCD and best-selling author John Connolly, talk about ghost stories, nicely timed for Halloween.

Journalist Gene Kerrigan discusses how crime novels are an excellent model for modern day society.

Best-selling crime author Alex Barclay gives her (yes, she's a woman!) insights on female crime writers.  I saw her talk before and she was quite interesting, though her reading of her own novel left a lot to be desired, as she read in a monotone!

Totally unrelated to the above series of talks is the upcoming RI Best Memorial Lecture which takes place on 12th October.  Irvine Best was the 4th director of the National Library and a talk is given annually in his memory.  It is given this year by the American historian, L Perry Curtis Jr, Professor Emeritus of History, from Brown University. The lecture is entitled Post-Famine Perceptions of the Irish Landlords.  It sets out to dispell the still widely held belief that all landlords were a)absent, b)bastards and c) cold-hearted.  Some more details are here and it's a free event that requires no booking.


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