Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dine In Dublin is back!

Dine in Dublin returns from 24th - 30th October 2011.  During that week, participating restaurants will have good set menus of their most popular dishes at promotional prices ranging from €15 - €30.  The à la carte menus are also available.  In the past, it's always been just €25 or €30 menus so it's nice to see a response to harder times.  Presumably also part of that is a deal they've done with Park Rite who will provide discounted parking in certain car parks (surprisingly including the normally scandalously priced Fleet St) at an evening rate of €3.  It's not clear to me how you prove you are participating in Dine in Dublin to the car park payment machine though.

So what restaurants are taking part this year?  There's a big list this year.  Highlights for me would be Fallon & Byrne and Dada.  There's a quite a few in suburbs this year too.  On that list, I like Washerwoman's Hill in Glasnevin and Essence in Swords.  You do need to mention Dine in Dublin when you reserve at table, and it has to be before 7pm, which I think is not terribly in the spirit of the whole thing.  Over all, though it's a great way to try out restaurants you haven't eaten in before. 


  1. Oh, yay! Thanks for the heads-up Claire! Have been meaning to try Dada for a while so might give that a go...

  2. The menus are actually running each evening FROM 7pm* not before and they are running concurrently with A la Carte menus. You will be given a choice of choosing from the specific Dine In Dublin Menu or you can choose to select from their traditional menu.

    *Some menus are running for longer.