Saturday, October 29, 2011

'All the Ends of the Earth' - Ergodos in Project Arts Centre

For one show only, music company Ergodos are in Project Arts Centre this evening (Saturday 29th October) with a performance called All the Ends of the Earth. The programme features seven works inspired by the Medieval French composer Léonin. No, I haven't heard of him before either, but I quite liked the sample track ("Revelavit") by Linda Buckley over on her website,

Here's part of what Ergodos have to say about this show:
“It is this transcendentalism that has captured the aural imagination of several young composers. All the Ends of the Earth showcases three Irish composers who have found inspiration in the clarity of Léonin’s constructions, and the quality of his simple materials: Garrett Sholdice’s work represents a new and personal conceptualization of Léonin’s forms; Benedict Schlepper-Connolly’s language resonates with the austerity of Léonin – Schlepper-Connolly continuously re-shapes, and strips away, searching for an essence; Linda Buckley’s slow-burning, almost gothic works invoke the muscular harmonic world of medieval organum.”

In case you're wondering, very little actually seems to be known about Léonin. His music stands on its own, with almost no biographical story to accompany it.

Tickets cost €15/€10 and the performance is on at 8 PM.


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