Sunday, September 18, 2011

Zorbing & Aqua Spheres @ the Outdoor Discovery Centre

While most people in the country were fixated on Croke Park today (well done, our Dublin boys!), myself, Dave and another friend were in Corkagh Park in Clondalkin to go zorbing.  Corkagh Park is a former big house and demesne of 300 acres which now belongs to Dublin City Council.  I admit to never having heard of it before going there today but it's a beautiful resource, with wide parks for playing, a playground, a petting zoo, fly fishing lakes and of course, zorbing.  I'd picked up a City Deal during the "summer" which made the zorbing half price and we finally got around to going today.  It's normally €15 a roll.

But what is zorbing?

Well, there's people strapped inside that giant ball.  They were pushed down a big hill and rolled until the path flattened out.  Our friend had done it before abroad and he said there are variants where there's water inside the ball with you and you're not strapped in.  This version thankfully involved neither of those crazy sounding bits.  Let's take a closer look.
 So we're strapped in there, with our anonymity preserved!  My only complaint is it was quite short.

It was a totally exhilarating experience.  I had 2 goes.  Dave's going to upload some more photos later.  Afterwards, the Outdoor Discovery guys were telling us about aqua spheres so we toddled down to where this was taking place, and then, had a go.  It costs €10 for 5 mins.  You get into a deflated beach ball, which is then inflated with a large hair dryer.

 Then you roll down into the lake area.  Now, you're tethered to the ground so there's no risk of floating off.  Our volunteer tells me that it got quite stuffy inside, it was a tiny bit damp, even though the ball is waterproof sealed and he was wrecked when he came out of it.  But Dave & I had a great laugh watching him, so it's fun for spectators as well as participants.

Signage for both places could be better within Corkagh Park but I'd highly recommend the activities themselves.


  1. can kids do it?

    1. Yes they can - there may well be a height restriction but I definitely saw kids having a go after us.