Monday, September 5, 2011

Sculpture in Context

A friend has reminded me that the Sculpture in Context exhibition will start in the National Botanic Gardens on Thursday 8 September and will continue until 21 October. This is the tenth such exhibition at the gardens and over 130 sculptures are currently being set up there.

The Botanic Gardens is one of my favourite places in Dublin. Only yesterday did I visit the vast Kew Gardens in London, and on playing the hefty admission fee, I was thinking to myself how fortunate the Dubliners are to have free access to place that may not be as big as Kew, but is certainly exceptionally charming and comfortable. The Dublin gardens used to be my daily lunchtime haunt when I was working nearby, and I saw firsthand the constant development the gardens have been undergoing over the past few years. I also remember last year's Sculpture in Context exhibition very well. It transformed the already beautiful place into a slightly otherworldish spot, when there was no knowing what might turn up behind the next tree or slope.

I would strongly encourage everyone to visit this exhibition. If the Botanic Gardens have been on your list of Dublin sights to see but you just have not made it so far, this is a perfect excuse. And make sure to have some of the lovely cakes in the Tea Room.


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