Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Better Loved From Afar

One of the nice things about ABSOLUT Fringe is the inclusion of very unconventional shows which are nothing at all like a traditional play. Better Loved From Afar combines narration and photography to tell the story of the Irish who migrated to Argentina in the 1800s, and their descendents. The performers, Noelia Ruiz and Angel Luis Gonzalez, are cousins who both came to Ireland from Argentina; their own story forms part of the narrative. The title of the performance refers to the way Argentinians of Irish descent can sometimes view the country through the lens of the past.

It's an interesting subject and Noelia Ruiz is a skilled storyteller. This is one of those performances best seen not as a complete work but as a snapshot of a greater tale, an introduction to an underappreciated part of Ireland's story of emigration; the programme does a nice job of adding further vignettes.

Conclusion: the distinctive format works well for the subject matter, and I left wanting to know more.

Better Loved From Afar runs in the New Theatre in Temple Bar until Saturday 24th September at 8 pm each evening. Tickets cost €14. Duration: 45 minutes.


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