Monday, September 26, 2011

On the Edge of Things is a Fierce Beauty

The postponed Macnas performance ended this year's Absolut Fringe with a bang at Collins Barracks.  Doors opened at 19:00 and a long queue was already well formed when we got there.  Inside the parade ground, there were things to look at: a giant rhino in a wheelchair, a mechanical bird and a dragon. 

There was a real steampunk vibe to it all with plinky plonky music while we waited.  And we waited for almost an hour (planned) before it got started.  It was a bit nippy as well.  It started to get dark quite quickly and here, we saw the effect of having to postpone for 2 weeks - I presume they imagined slightly more of the show in evening light rather than darkness.  Dave took a massive amount of photos with his much better camera.

I have to admit now that I haven't a clue what was going on in the show but it was awesome.  There was a woman in wheely tower who waved her arms a lot as the rhino, bird and dragon moved around the space.  Fireworks and sparklers happened.  They made great use of the arches into the parade ground.  Elaborately costumed dancers followed each mechanical puppet.  There were also dancers on stilts: they were so comfortable walking around on them, I wondered if they had been born that way!  After a while, a giant puppet woman came in and the real woman in the tower hung a glowing heart around her neck.  I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

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