Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Culture Night

My Culture Night did not go exactly to plan but was still generally fantastic. 

It started with the comedy music stylings of Eleventy Four in the National Gallery, accompanied by some very good white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.  I didn't wander around the gallery, as Nina pointed out, it's open all the time and always free.  I wanted to focus on less regular stuff.

The NGI was followed with a thwarted trip to Kilmainham Gaol.  When we arrived, there was a queue.  Not that surprising for the night that was in it.  We got in the queue which moved fairly swiftly.  However, after about 5 minutes, someone who worked there came out and sent everyone away.  The guided tours were full up.  This was disappointing, especially considering how far out it was from the main hive of activity.  I'm docking you marks, Kilmainham Gaol, you could totally open later than 20:45 one night a year!

But onwards.  We walked back into town and head to St. Audeon's Church, which is ancient and atmospheric.  It was swiftly followed by Christchurch, passing by a giant queue for Dublinia.  Town was hopping.  We called into the Bull & Castle for a quick pint but it was noisy as always and we soon left. Dublin Castle called to us and we wandered through the State Apartments, where they had people in costumes answering questions.  From there, we walked down through a jam-packed Temple Bar and went to the Science Gallery.  I think the Elements exhibition was my favourite thing from the evening.  It's not every day I see the glow of uranium and gold ingots.  By this stage, it was quite late.  There was time for one more stop, which was the Irish Architectural Archive on Merrion Square.  They're actually in the largest house on Merrion Square, and though sparsely furnished, it was well worth seeing.  One companion lamented the lack of models for playing with, but there was a delightful mishmash of buildings in Dublin.  We had fun guessing which they were.  The building also houses the Irish Manuscripts Commission, and I nosed into some genealogy books immediately. 

There was an empty bank for Dublin bikes outside it, so I took my tired feet on one last walk back to the bus stop, happy with my experiences, and sad that another Culture Night was over.


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