Friday, September 16, 2011

Does Anybody Ever

Three grown up children are living in a black box. They’re sitting in the bath because they’re dirty and they want to be clean. As they have no idea how they’re related to each other, they have no idea how to relate to each other. They’re making brutalities into games to pass the time, and they want you to see what they’ve just learned to do. These bloodless siblings are learning that we love the people we hate just as much as we hate the people we love.

One of the new plays in the ABSOLUT Fringe is Does Anybody Ever by theatre company The Children, as described in the official Fringe blurb above. Though you wouldn't know it from the description, death is perhaps the most striking theme of the play, alongside the puzzling and malleable relationships between the three characters.

I have a confession: I just don't know how I can possibly write a review for this. It feels like someone's found a previously unknown Beckett script, read it to me very lyrically, and then left me wondering what it's all about. Most plays can be reviewed: Does Anybody Ever deserves to be critiqued. I don't feel I could do it justice without, at a minimum, a second viewing.

Conclusion: A beautiful and intricate play. (You win this round, The Children...)

There are two shows left, Friday 16th and Saturday 17th, at 8:30pm running for 50 minutes. Tickets cost €11/€9. The venue is Players Theatre in Trinity College.


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