Monday, August 8, 2011

Supper Safari

It's out of character for us to mention a singles night but I liked the sound of it and it does involve eating in 3 different Dublin restaurants, so why not?

Supper Safari is the brainchild of Avril Mulcahy and it takes place on Wednesday, 24th August.  The concept is 30 men, 30 women, 3 restaurants (hopefully within walking distance!)  You have a different course in each eaterie.  I think it sounds exciting.  Avril says she's "not promising that you'll find Mr. Right...but I am promising you fun."  I've done a few speed dating events over the years and, at €55 (including the meal), this one is moderately priced.  Booking is available here.

She has certainly done her research.  Mulcahy did a Lenton 40 dates in 40 nights earlier this year and her blog of the exploits makes for a great read. Apparently, there's talk of this event being covered for television in the future, so get in now before you have to go on tv as well! 

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