Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Romeo & Juliet in Iveagh Gardens

Having crawled back to the blogosphere from my dissertation-induced hiatus, I was just a few moments ago informed by the Twitters about a free performance of Romeo & Juliet in Iveagh Gardens. Tonight would have been a lovely evening to go, but unfortunately I discovered the 7 pm performance only after arriving home to Maynooth. However, if you share my fate and would love yourself some Bard in the park, fret not: the good folks of Cracked Light Productions will be asking wherefore art thou Romeo until 21 August. The performance times are:

Thursday-Friday 7 pm
Saturday-Sunday 3 pm

I am told that this performance was already put on in Ranelagh Gardens last week - I don't suppose any of our readers had the fortune to see it and report?

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  1. Mary Macken23/8/11 3:10 PM

    We attended the 3pm performance last Sat afternoon. It was a superb performance, huge fun. Clearly the actors were enormously enjoying themselves. Our daughter also attended one evening during the week; she recommended it to us. So, the Cracked Light Productions' "Romeo & Juliet had something for the 50-somethings and the 20-somethings!!