Saturday, August 20, 2011

Romeo & Juliet in the Iveagh Gardens

As Nina mentioned a few days ago, Cracked Light Productions are performing free shows of Romeo & Juliet in the Iveagh Gardens this week. I went to Friday evening's show and enjoyed it. I particularly liked that the actors made full use of the space offered by the park, rather than confining themselves to a small area as if they were on stage. One warning: your enjoyment will depend on the weather. It's not just the ever-present risk of rain; when the wind picks up and starts to shake the park's many large trees, it can be difficult to hear the actors properly. I shouldn't complain though - it's great to see a theatre company providing free, outdoor performances of Shakespeare's most famous play.

The background of the production is interesting. Instead of charging for the show the company got sponsorship from Tesco and LUAS, and also raised funding on the excellent website.

There are two more performances: one today at 3 pm and the other tomorrow, also at 3 pm. If the weather remains good I'd recommend seeing the show.


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